Winter French Meal

$ 80.00

 In this class you will learn how to make a gourmet French meal with a traditional main course from the North of France.  The is a good Winter meal, as it uses ingredients that you can find during the season within a reasonable budget.  This meal can be a nice one to do in its entirety  if you have guests or you can use the recipes individually for different meals.

In this highly interactive class,  you will learn an number of important cooking techniques.  I will also explain how chemistry, physics, and savoir-fair combine to make a perfect Roux for the main dish and to demystify the gluten in the crepes.  I will use my microscope to show you the "magic" behind the ingredients.


  • Appetizer - Carrot soup with ginger and orange
  • Main course - Endive au Gratin
  • Dessert - Crepes with homemade compote of apple and pear flavored with vanilla and saffron

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