Tajine Dinner Class

$ 80.00

The theme of this dinner class is variety.  First, it highlights the variety of cultures that  have influenced French cuisine.  Second, all three courses feature a dish that has a core recipe can be varied in many ways.   For the appetizer, you will learn to make a savory cake with assorted ingredients such as nuts, vegetables, tuna, and ham.  For the main course, you will learn to make a Moroccan tajine.  This is a North African stew containing your choice of meats and vegetables and cooked in the traditional tajine vessel.  For dessert, you will learn to make a mixed fruit crumble that can be varied with different fruits and spices.

This is a hands-on class.   I will show you how to make each course, and then you will make it yourself.  After each course is prepared, you will get to sit down and enjoy what you have made.

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