Sauce Class

$ 80.00

This class is designed to teach you three classic French sauces.  First, you will learn to make a Hollandaise sauce and use it for an asparagus with Hollandaise sauce appetizer.  Next, you will learn the classic bechamel sauce.  This sauce will be used to make the main course, cooked endives with ham in a bechamel sauce.  For dessert, you will learn a chocolate sauce to use to top the popular French dessert, the profiterole - a cream puff filled with ice cream and topped in chocolate sauce.

This is a hands-on class.   I will show you how to make each course, and then you will make it yourself, concentrating on the making of the sauce.  After each course is prepared, you will get to sit down and enjoy what you have made.

This is a 3 hour class.


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