Egypt Tour

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For ancient Egyptians, the journey to the afterlife was as important as any journey they took in life.  The tour will start with how they prepared for the journey, by being mummified after death.  You will learn how and why this practice started, how it changed over time, and why they sometimes even mummified animals.   You will also learn to decipher basic hieroglyphics, a skill that was needed along the way.  Finally, you will see what you needed to pack for this dangerous trip.  Packing for the afterlife was complicated for ancient Egyptians, but for this tour, all you need to bring is your curiosity and let Cecilia be your guide.

There are a total of 15 spots in the tour.  The tour is free, but please register so we can have an accurate idea of who will be attending.

The tour will start at the Maynard St. entrance of the Kelsey Museum.  Public parking is located nearby at the Maynard Street parking garage.


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