Here you can see a sampling of some pastries I make.  I specialize in macarons and traditional French pastries.  For special events, I will have both individual sized pastries and larger cakes.

What makes my pastries so different?

1. Freshness

I make my pastries as close as possible to the time when I will sell them.  I don’t freeze my pastries (except for macarons), and I don’t sell them more than one day after I make them.  Because of the quantity of macarons I make, I often flash-freeze them immediately after I fill them and keep them frozen for the few days between when I make them and the date I sell them.  This way, they retain their freshness, and because of their size, the taste and texture don’t suffer from being frozen.

2. Good Ingredients

I look for good quality ingredients to put into my pastries.  I use locally grown produce when I can.  I pay close attention to what I buy.  For example, my eggs come from hens that are fed and treated properly, and if I use eggs in a recipe where they will not be thoroughly cooked, I used pasteurized eggs for safety.  Also for health reasons, I never use ingredients containing trans fats.

Because I make authentic French pastries, I use many ingredients that I can only get by importing them directly from France.  I also use some ingredients for their specific quality and flavor, such as organic butter and Tahitian vanilla beans.

“There is nothing better than a fresh-baked pastry full of good ingredients and a pinch of love.”