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Here are some questions that I’m often asked.   I hope this list is helpful and can give you some faster answers to some common situations.

Q: Where is your store?

A: This is one of the most frequent questions that I’m asked.  I do not own a pastry shop where you can buy my pastries. I bake my pastries in my licensed commercial kitchen at my home, and I sell them for special orders and events and through Lab Cafe.  I choose to work this way because I think it’s the best way to make sure my customers will get the freshest and highest quality pastries I can provide.  The realities of running a pastry shop require that certain compromises be made to the freshness and quality of the pastries in order to maintain the variety and volume of stock required to be profitable.  I don’t want to make those compromises.  When my customers take a bite of one of my pastries, I want them to know that they are tasting something that was made personally by me using high-quality ingredients, and the only way it could be fresher is if they had made it themselves.

Q: When is your next macaron (or other) class?

A:  My schedule varies during the year depending on my other obligations, times when I have a lot of special orders, and the seasons.  I publish classes here on my web site and announce any new classes to my email list.  The fastest way to be informed about new classes on the schedule is to add yourself to my email list using the "Email List" subscription box at the bottom of this page.  If you have a group of 4 and want to schedule a private class, please contact me.  We can schedule a class that fits our schedules.

Q: Is there a minimum size for a macaron order?

A: There’s no minimum size.  However, I’m the only one who bakes my pastries, and I bake everything fresh for sale.  So I have to plan orders around my cooking and teaching schedule.   The more advance notice you give me, the better I am able to make what you would like.  Since I regularly make macarons for Lab Cafe, if you are flexible on what flavors you get, I can usually accommodate orders with shorter notice.

Q: Do you give a discount for large orders of macarons?

A: My prices are the same, no matter the order size.  I put the same time and care into each pastry I make, whether it’s for a large order or a small order.

Q: Do you ship your macarons?

A: No, I don’t ship macarons.  I’ve developed my macaron recipe to have a delicate meringue with just enough of a shell to give a light crunch without being chewy.  The result is the type of macaron I want to sell, but they are too fragile to ship.  I’ve done some test shipments, but my macarons did not survive the journey.

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You may also contact me by emailing or by calling (734) 388-3484. 


Please note: Cecilia's Pastries is closed for vacation until September 13.